Elementary Program

The 2016-2017 school year brings us our pilot year for Montessori elementary program! ACM plans an intimate learning environment where children are able to pursue their own interests while developing a sound academic foundation. ACM’s plans a practical life program that incorporates frequent student-initiated and student-planned walking field-trips to the many learning opportunities downtown including museums, music venues, local businesses, halls of government, as well as the City’s natural and working waterfront. The school day will include time for art, outdoor exploration, as well as free play during recess. As classroom hours will be spent on schoolwork, homework will be kept to a minimum. The Elementary program will also be lead by a Montessori-certified teacher.

Our elementary classroom is open to students ages 6-12. The program accommodates elementary grades 1-6. Prior experience in a Montessori environment is ideal, but not required. Students younger than 6 exhibiting developmental, social, and academic readiness for an elementary environment are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Math done the Montessori way helps make abstract concepts concrete
Field trips give kids a chance to explore.

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