Elementary Program


ACM’s elementary program is growing! We are excited to have a Montessori-certified, state-licensed teacher in our EL program. The elementary program is a unique educational offering for the city of Mobile. Children enjoy an intimate learning environment built on mutual respect, freedom within limits, and community problem-solving. Children explore the Montessori Cosmic curriculum which helps them understand their place in the universe and introduces them to Big History, astronomy, botany, zoology, geography, anthropology and world cultures. Children build a sound academic foundation and critical thinking skills as they initiate and pursue their own research projects, science experiments, works of art, and field trips. They also work with powerful manipulative materials that teach abstract math and language concepts.

Our elementary classroom is open to students ages 6-9. The program accommodates elementary grades 1-3 this year, with grades up to 6 being added as the program grows. Prior experience in a Montessori environment is ideal, but not required. Students younger than 6 exhibiting developmental, social, and academic readiness for an elementary environment are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Students practice phonics with Explode the Code word games and phonics readers.

Students practice weekly spelling by creating a rule based list, writing creative stories using spelling words, detective reading (looking for spelling words in literature books), and creating a Resource Chart of the weekly rule for their resource binders.

Montessori grammar practice assigns each part of speech a colorful symbol, which students use to identify the parts of speech in sentences, poems, and stories. Grammar activities also incorporate dictionary skills.

The Checkerboard is a material used to complete single and multiple digit multiplication problems. It also reinforces math facts.

Math facts practice and tea!

Students take ownership of their learning and use specific strategies to help them stay on target with their individual learning goals. They highlight their workplaces, create daily work checklists, and keep track of time management in their work journals.