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Azalea City Montessori began in 2014 when a pair of young Mobile moms wanted a different option for our kids’ education. We knew about the Montessori system, how it engages the whole child and forges lifelong learners by encouraging intrinsic motivation and excitement. We also knew we wanted a school where parents could be part of the school community in a tangible way, making sure we always put our kids first in every decision. When a local Montessori classroom unexpectedly closed, we found other parents who were searching for the same things for their kids, and Azalea City Montessori was born.

Our school started as a single classroom in the Nina Nicks Joseph Childcare Center in downtown Mobile. Our charter members and board raised over $25,000 to purchase supplies and furnishings, and volunteered in the classroom to help our fledgling school take flight. We began to develop an extended community of experts and professionals who could advise us on this challenging project. Within two years, we were able to realize our vision of expanding and adding an elementary classroom. In 2016, we launched our first year of independent operation in a fully renovated classroom and administrative space at Central Presbyterian Church in Mobile.  

From the beginning, our organization has been led by parent members and guided by the values of open communication and community building. Our school is affordable, diverse, welcoming, and centered on helping kids grow up healthy, happy and excited about learning right here in Mobile.

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